Name: Ronald E-mail: Date Posted: 18:15, 07 02 2019
Message: Interested in coming to a party solo, straight orientation just looking to explore as would be my first time doing something like this

Name: Sara and Al E-mail: Date Posted: 21:15, 05 01 2019
Message: We are in Albany this weekend and hoping to get together. She is fully bisexual. Him... probably some bicurious stuff going on.

Name: Cleopatra E-mail: Date Posted: 17:06, 04 05 2019
Message: I am very very interested! New to this lifestyle

Name: eric and tina E-mail: Date Posted: 13:47, 09 17 2015
Message: we love sex with other bi guys!

Name: Mere E-mail: Date Posted: 13:42, 11 06 2013
Message: Hi...curious to know when your next party is and get some more info. Thanks ;)

Name: Lin E-mail: Date Posted: 15:28, 10 28 2013
Message: New here, it is good to see this in our area. Hope to meet many of the people here soon.

Name: jim svrn E-mail: Date Posted: 14:12, 06 23 2013
Message: I am looking for selective dining opportunities w/guys or gals

Name: j and d E-mail: Date Posted: 12:38, 08 25 2012
Message: looking for more details on your cpls only does the round robin go? what else can we expect. very curious cpl new to swingin here in delmar

Name: Hey!! E-mail: Date Posted: 14:37, 06 04 2012
Message: Hi im Ceddy ced from tagged. Im not bi but am interested in bi women. I'm a very sexual guy I love to have fun as long as I'm pleased the right way. Let me knw if I'm a canidate for having fun.

Name: Dee E-mail: Date Posted: 11:07, 12 25 2011
Message: Merry Christmas

Name: Alexa E-mail: Date Posted: 05:51, 04 10 2010
Message: Can I cum at your party without bringing a date?



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