Our first bisexual threesome MMF

A threesome is something my husband always wanted.
We knew we wanted a male in his fortys with a nice build. No hairy guys either. After attending our pre-party interview we were soon getting responses from male members. I would be the one to select and soon I heard from Ira. He is just what we wanted.
We arranged to meet up in a bar in Glenville and after chatting over a few things and finding that we all hit it off. We arranged a naughtier hook-up at our house later that night. I suggested we would leave the patio glass sliding door un-locked so Ira could let himself in. (Four hours later) We were upstairs. My husband was naked and already on the bed. I had decided to wear a red thong. I was combing out my hair when I heard Ira on the stairs. I moved to the edge of the bed and what seemed to be a long time, waited for the door to open. Two minutes maybe less Ira opened the door and walked into the room, naked and with a healthy hard cock that I knew was going to get used tonight.
Kneeling down in front of me he placed his big hands on my knees spreading then open. He started sucking and licking my pussy through my thong. I was not sure he had remembered this was going to be MMF threesome arrangement. I stood up and motioned him to join my husband on the bed. What I failed to tell my skinny husband about Ira was, " Ira is very bi-sexual. " My fantasy is going to be fulfilled tonight.

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My sister's Threesome with BiGuys
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